Have you always felt you have strong intuition,

but struggle to fully surrender to it?

Are you seeking affirmation, validation,

self-confidence, and self-trust?

Then you desire the life giving magic

of your own sacred presence. 


This begins with strengthening your relationship to your intuition.

Im a guide who can hold the lantern, while you find your path.

Hermit and the Moon provides tender guidance and compassionate

clarity with the help of a magical and trusted tool, The Tarot! 

A Tarot Reading can provide illumination on what may seem like a dimly lit path of personal growth, opening you to areas you’re being invited to focus on, intuitive mystery, and supportive confidence building. Just as The Hermit holds a lantern filled with healing starlight, I will be here as a compassionate witness to help shed light along your mysterious and magical path. 

As a Tarot Reader, it is my most cherished gift to walk beside you on the path of self-discovery, growth, and healing that lead to deeper self-trust. 

These cards, are my most treasured tool, and offer messages and invitations that activate feelings of affirmation and validation, with that often comes some guidance and clarity. Don’t worry about seeing things clearly, I will hold the lantern that guides us toward our deepest knowing. The light represents hope, healing, warmth, and a focus on the present moment. We will walk together, embracing the confusion and discomfort while staying present, as we invite gentle reflections on your personal journey.

“After we turn inward, we can start the process of understanding what we’ve learned thus far and how we are processing that information.

Our revelations are a light that we can choose to turn and shine on others.”

– Maria Minnis

“If we could be with mystery just a while longer, without needing to make it go away, could a new way of navigating emerge?”

Jessica Dore